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The Opportunity


VertAx Wind Limited have spent over a decade working with its academic and technology partners formulating, de-risking  and fine tuning its conceptual design.  Its founders have invested thousands of man hours and around £2m in its development to date. In so doing, the company has established excellent connections and working relations with both academia and technology providers, as well as developing a portfolio of IP, which includes: 11 granted international patents, 7 granted international patents (licensed), 6 patents pending and prepared applications for a further 8 patents. Additional patents are likely throughout the machines development and the company’s IP portfolio is being managed by its Chief technology officer and the company’s patent agents.

The company now has the confidence in the design to take it through to the next stages, of detailed engineering, component manufacture and testing, land based prototype build and certification, leading to series 1 offshore deployment and market launch.It is the company’s goal to achieve market readiness of its 10MW machineover the following 5 years, closely followed by its 15MW + machine in 6 - 7 years from now.

The directors are under no illusion that this phase of development will be easy and realise the risks involved for an investor, but they do believe that the company has a game changing technology and that it has significant potential for phenomenal growth over the long term.

For further information regarding early stage investment, please contact the company’s Commercial Director, Mr. Peter Hunter via email at; .

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