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The C-Gen machine is a modular, permanent magnet, ring generator, in which the rotors core material is C shaped with magnets mounted on the limbs of the C and the coils of the stator arranged in a disk that passes between the C’s magnets. It has no iron in its windings; this greatly reduces difficulty in assembly (as there is no attractive force between stator and rotor) and enables the use of an increased air-gap size. This leads to overall mass and cost savings when compared to a conventional layout. The machine also provides the following significant performance advantages:

  • High reliability

  • Minimum part count

  • Use of standardised components

  • Built-in redundancy and flexibility

  • High efficiency across full operating range

  • Zero cogging torque

  • Reduced weight

  • Lower cost manufacture

The machine has been modelled and extensively demonstrated up to 6MW, with a range of prototypes also having been built and thoroughly tested since 2004 in sizes from 15 kW to 1 MW.



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